CW Beacon 437. 375MHzz

FM (GMSK)437. 375MHz

BIRDS Project Overall Mission Statement 

  • Make the first step towards creating an indigenous space program by designing, building, testing, launching and operating, the first satellites for participating nations. 

BIRDS 5 Mission Statement

  •  Build Uganda and Zimbabwe’s first satellite while improving the standardized bus system for future missions, giving continuity to the satellite development of Japan and previous missions from BIRDS-1,2,3 and 4.


Primary Objective(s) 

  • To design, build, test, launch and operate Uganda and Zimbabwe’s first satellite 
  • To demonstrate the multispectral camera and DLP feasibility on 1U CubeSat
  • To give continuity to three missions; attitude visualisation, Imaging classification Mission (IMG-CLS) and Store & Forward (SF- WARD) 
  • To demonstrate Particle Instrument for Nano-satellite(PINO)
  • To serve the Amateur radio community with APRS-Digipeater mission (APRS-DP) 

Secondary Objective(s) 

  • To give continuity to 2U structure for further projects
  • To demonstrate on-board image processing and classification 
  • To demonstrate mounting of three Raspberry Pi on a 1U CubeSat